worse than we thought – ocean warming!

Global warming is worse than we thought, according to a study that claims temperature readings in the southern hemisphere have been inaccurate.

The US research suggests that we have been sucking up more than twice as much of the heat created by greenhouse gases than previously believed. Scientists have now recommended increasing estimates of the rate of ocean warming by between 48 per cent and 152 per cent.

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory scientists used satellite observations to uncover long-term ocean warming in the upper 2,300ft (700 metres) of Southern Hemisphere oceans, and found old data was inaccurate.

“This underestimation is a result of poor sampling prior to the last decade and limitations of the analysis methods that conservatively estimated temperature changes in data-sparse regions,” said oceanographer Paul Durack, lead author of the study.

Daily Mail Australia, 7 Oct 2014