sinking …. sinking ….

Up to a quarter of a million homes around the country, vital power stations, ports, sewerage pipes, water supplies and transport hubs, including Sydney airport, are at serious risk of flooding as a result of sea-level rise and bigger storm tides caused by climate change, warns the Rudd Government’s first national assessment of the coastline…

The report draws on scientific experts from the CSIRO, GeoScience Australia, the University of Tasmania and the Department of Climate Change. At risk by 2100, 157,000 to 247,000 homes, 170 industrial zones, 1800 bridges, 120 ports, 360 schools colleges and universities, 102 retirement/nursing homes, 258 police, fire and ambullance stations and 75 hospitals and health centres.
Sydney Morning Herald/ Environment, 14 Nov 2009. “Flood warning: lucky they brought a paddle”