moving target

In Sydney to address the Metropolis conference, Dr Pachauri, head of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, said many scientists believed that even a 450 ppm target was not strong enough.

“There are a section of scientists and some analysts that are actually now saying that 450 is a bit too high and what we should be targeting is 350.”

Pointing to the dangerous predicament of low lying island nations such as Kiribati and the Maldives, Dr Pachauri said: “If you talk to the president of [the] Maldives, indeed the people of the Maldive Islands, they’re living in a state of fear.

Dr Pachauri warned the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere was already contributing to sea-level rise.

If the world’s big ice sheets kept melting, “you are talking about well over a metre of sea-level rise and that, to my mind, is going to be disastrous for hundreds of millions of people”.

Sydney Morning Herald, 24 Oct 2008

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