Climate change axioms

An axiom is a premise or starting point of reasoning. We’ve formulated these axioms while we’ve been operating the site.

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Acting or musical ability does not guarantee an understanding of current affairs. The available evidence suggests there may be an inverse correlation.

The more distant into the future the more certain the prediction.

The more cute and likeable the animal the more likely it is to appear in newspapers articles as a victim of climate change. The converse is also true.

The more prominent a climate change campaigner, the greater his or her carbon footprint.

The greater the dependence on government grants, the more dire the climate change predictions.

The homogenization or the ‘adjusting’ of data is only acceptable if it supports the case for global warming.

The more the computer projections fail to materialize, the more comfortable supporters are in the certainty of climate change predictions.

An article’s chances of being published increase the more it mentions climate change, regardless of how tenuous the link.

The number of climate change warnings in newspapers is an indication of how soon the next United Nations climate conference is.

The more the case for man-made climate change unravels, the more shrill its supporters become.

If we miss this last chance, don’t worry, there’s always the next last chance.


X event failed to occur following strong preventive action by the government. The fact that the evidence suggests X would not have happened anyway is irrelevant. – Ash Barratt